Brixworth Country Park

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Brixworth Country Park is located just outside the village of Brixworth in Northamptonshire. Under the Northamptonshire County Council Solar Plan scheme a review was carried out of the existing hot water heating provision to the park centre. Hot water was being achieved via a 15kW electric immersion heater and an un-vented hot water cylinder. This system was extremely expensive to run and did not fit with the Green Ethos under which the park is managed.

In order to be compatible with the existing hot water provision to the cafe and toilet facilites, SolarTech designed a solar pre-heat system that could be incorporated with the minimum of disruption to the centre.

The installed system pre-heats the cold feed to the main cylinder and should produce in the region of 4,000kWh per year, significantly reducing the energy consumption for hot water heating. This will result in an annual CO2 emissions reduction of almost 2,000kg.

Existing System:

  • Hot Water Storage: 300 litre, un-vented
  • Water Heating: Electric immersion heater

Installed System:

  • Hot Water Storage: 500 litre, un-vented solar pre-heat
  • Solar Collectors: 5 No. Filsol FS20 On-roof Flat Plat Collectors
  • System Display in Cafe
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