Heat Pump Installation, Buckinghamshire

  • Jan21
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The project had an existing oil fired boiler that was due for replacement as it had reached the end of its life.

The Brief

Our client wanted to replace their existing boiler and they were worried about their escalating fuel bills. They were keen to explore the renewable energy solutions available that could help them reduce their bills.

The Solution

Following a review of different technologies we finalised on the replacement of the boiler with an Air Source Heat pump. We selected

a Daikin high temperature heat pump so that it would provide optimum efficiency and would not require the replacement of the existing radiators.

The Daikin unit was selected due to it’s high efficiency and low noise level.

The existing boiler was removed and the heat pump installed over

a two day period with the minimum of disruption.


The installation has delivered the following benefits;

• Reduced Energy Bills (on target to deliver 45% savings)

• £850 cash back under Governments Renewable Heat Premium

• System will qualify for payments under the renewable heat incentive for the next 7 years.


• No need for oil storage

• No risk of running out of fuel

• Oil tank removed creating space in Garden

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