FinanceWe understand that many customers are keen to install renewable energy systems but they may pay be put off by the initial cost of an installed system.

SolarTech are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with “Wecredit”, a leading provider of low cost finance solutions to Homeowners.

Wecredit have access to funds with the leading prime funders and they can find the most competitive rates on a case by case basis.

They do not offer “buy now pay later” or supposed 0% credit (somebody somewhere always pays) they just offer an honest approach, excellent service and market leading rates.

This means you can enjoy a fully installed renewable energy system, reduced energy bills and potential financial income from the government with no initial financial outlay.

Finance is available for all systems we install and can be used to fund part or all of the installation cost of your system.

Wecredit will guide you through the process and fast track your application.

You can apply for credit using the link below or call our office for further details

We have a team of dedicated Staff