Majority of consumers back PM on roll-back of green levies

  • Oct31
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David Cameron’s announcement for plans to roll-back the green levies that add an extra £112 to the average household bill has been met with support from a large majority of consumers, a recent poll has found.

The average domestic dual fuel energy bill (electricity and gas) is £1,267, with the green taxes making up 9% of this figure, and 60% of respondents to a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday supported their abolition.

The Prime Minister made the announcement in the House of Commons last week which was met by chagrin from Liberal Democrats who had not expected the plans, however the poll found that just 18% of consumers supported green levies so the junior coalition partners are in an awkward spot politically.

One suggestion has been to move the burden from energy bills to general taxation to make it more equitable, ensuring that households only pay what they can afford.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said: ” “What we’re doing at the moment is looking at every aspect of what contributes to people’s energy bills to make sure people aren’t paying a penny more than they need to. Our commitment to green energy is vitally important and its not something that we as Liberal Democrats will compromise on.

“We are looking at all of those options. We have got the warm homes discount, which is helping 2 million of the poorest people in this country with £135 off their energy bills. Is that something that would be reasonable to say could be paid for by general taxation than energy bills?”

What is for sure is that, with 72% of people saying that energy price policy will affect how they vote at the next election, the main parties are going to have to get this right if they want to win next year.

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