Solar swimming pool heating systems
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Swimming Pool Heating

How it works

Swimming pool heating is a perfect application for solar hot water due to the relatively low temperatures required. SolarTech Ltd offer various solutions for heating your swimming pool using solar energy. These systems are suitable for both indoor and outside pools (we even have a solution to heat 'pop up' above ground pools. We can provide a system that will provide the majority of the pools heat energy using solar energy, substantially reducing pool running costs and associated carbon emissions.


The central benefit to solar powered swimming pool heating is a considerable reduction in cost and CO2 emissions. In the summer it is possible to heat a pool entirely from the solar provision and even in winter electricity usage will be dramatically reduced. Used in conjunction with a pool cover for outside pools the savings are impressive.

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These solar panel systems can either work in isolation (typically on outside pools) or in conjunction with your existing pool heating system where year round use is required.

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