What is an EPC?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is an certificate provided to property owners with information about the property’s energy use, along with the typical costs of energy that the property uses. As well as this, it also comes with some recommendations on how you can reduce your energy consumption and most importantly how you can save money! It comes with a rating from A (being the best and most energy efficient) down to G (the least efficient).

Do I Need an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is needed whenever you are trying to sell, rent or build a property. These must be ordered before you put the property up on the market for your potential buyers/tenants. There is a potential fine if you do not get an EPC one is needed.

How Long Are They Valid For?

The typical length of time that EPCs are valid for are 10 years.

Where Can I Get an EPC?

You can get an EPC from us! SolarTech are accredited assessors for the UK and will arrange to come out and assess your property in order to give you an EPC.

If you would like anymore information on EPCs or would like one of our assessors to come out to your property to assess it and produce a EPC, then please call us today on 0845 838 2477.

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