Feasibility Studies

SolarTech have vast experience within a multitude of commercial projects and are content to undertake feasibility studies to ascertain the best financial and technical solution for such schemes. Each scheme is designed on its own merit and grant funding or ‘payback’ schemes are taken into account.

SolarTech are experts in the design, build, operation and maintenance of turnkey solutions. SolarTech will provide accurate data which will cover all your energy requirements.

A feasibility study can determine which combination of Renewable Technologies most effectively meets particular schemes energy requirements. When integrating renewable energy into a new construction project, this level of renewable energy assessment will be undertaken by our in house design team.

As an MCS registered multi technology Renewable Energy supplier and installer our feasibility studies considers all technologies. The pros and cons of each technology from a technical and financial point of view will be put forward to your technical design team and a case for each system will be set out.

SolarTech’s aim once the feasibility studies have been complete is to provide our clients with a Renewable Energy solution specific to each scheme. Our extensive experience has been utilised to great effect and on many occasions we have put forward our ideas to the end client at design meetings which have been set up through the main contractor.

We have a team of dedicated Staff