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Solar hot water

More information on the Renewable Heat Incentive

How it works

Heat from the sun is captured by solar panels on the roof of your property into a special, solar hot water cylinder, heating your hot water. For domestic properties the solar hot water cylinder normally replaces the existing hot water cylinder.


A typical household application can generate up to 70% of the annual hot water requirement. Hot water generated from a Solar Hot Water heating system has minimal CO2 emissions, so will help towards reducing the production of greenhouse gases. Water is heated by using energy from the sun rather than a fuel boiler, so fuel bills will also be reduced and your boiler will have less work to do. A Solar Hot Water system will significantly increase the energy efficiency rating of your home. With the introduction of Home Information Packs by the government a Solar Hot Water system will make a significant step towards improving the energy rating of your home, reducing your fuel bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

With the introduction of the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive in April 2011 not only will you have reduced energy bills but you will receive an annual payment of around £350 / year for twenty years. The precise details of this scheme are being finalized by Government but if it is similar to the Feed-in tariff regime then this income will be index linked and tax free.

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There are many situations, both domestic and commercial, where Solar Hot Water Heating can be taken advantage of: Households, Schools, Housing developments, Community Centres, Hotels, Offices, Apartment blocks, Care homes, Hospitals, Swimming pools. Anywhere that has a demand for hot water will benefit from installing a Solar Hot Water Heating system.


There are two main types of Solar Hot Water collectors: flat plate and evacuated tube. Unlike most of our competitors, SolarTech can design and install both types. This means we can evaluate our Customers needs and provide the most effective solution for their particular needs.

Off-grid system

We also offer the option of an off-grid system, here the solar controller and pump are powered by a Photo Voltaic module. Which means the property does not need to be connected to the mains electricity supply. We only use M.C.S. approved solar products and components. This is a prerequisite to receive an income from the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (R.H.I.). See the funding section for more details. To give you some idea of how the finished system would look on your house, see the completed installations on our Facebook gallery.

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