How Can The Green Deal Benefit Businesses?

30th January - Posted in News

In the last few articles we have talked about the Green Deal and how home owners all over the UK can benefit from it. But it’s not just homes; businesses can also take advantage of it. The Green Deal will allow businesses to apply for funding to help them become more energy efficient.

Much like with our homes, each business must be assessed to decide which green technologies would be most beneficial, then the business owner can apply for funding to cover the installation costs. Home owners could receive a maximum of £10,000 in funding, businesses can receive a higher amount – however the specific amount has not yet been finalised yet.

Again, the business’s building will be responsible for the costs of all the improvements and repayments will be made through the savings you make through the energy bills. This means there will be no upfront costs for the business to pay out.

The Green Deal’s golden rule still applies when it comes to businesses – the expected financial savings must always be equal to or greater than the costs which will be incurred for the installation.

What Green Technologies Are Available Within The Green Deal?

The insulation improvements that are available to help improve the efficiency of businesses are similar to the home. Our business could be fitted with solid wall or cavity insulation as well as draught insulation and double glazing windows.

The Green Deal will also allow businesses to have access to funding for solar panels, ground and air source heat pumps as well as wind turbines.

If you’re looking to create a more energy efficient reputation for your company whilst significantly lowering your energy bills get in touch with the team here at SolarTech and find out how we can help you.