How Can The Green Deal Benefit Me – The Home Owner?

25th January - Posted in News

So in our last article we told you all about the Green Deal and what it’s all about, now we’re going to explain how you as a home owner can benefit from it. The Green Deal is quite heavily aimed at home owners and older properties in particular. The Green Deal is expected to benefit homes that were built before the 1920’s the most.

The Green Deal can offer home owners £10,000 worth of home improvements that will make their home energy efficient, these improvements include things like:

• Wall insulation for both solid and cavity walls
• Door insulation
• Loft insulation
• Double glazing
• Smart meters

These improvements will all help to reduce the demand on your energy bill, once installed it will cost you less to heat your home – therefore reducing your bills.

The Green Deal can also help you get green technologies installed in your home, things like:

• Air and ground source heat pumps
• Biomass boilers
• Solar power – thermal and photo voltaic panels

These energy efficient methods of heating your home and water use less power meaning you will make significant savings on your fuel bills. The money you receive from the Green Deal can then be repaid with the savings you make over a period of time.

How Does it Work?

Anyone who is interested in the Green Deal will need to have their home inspected by a Green Deal accredited advisor to assess what type of improvements will gain the best results for you. The advisor will draw up a report, making suggestions of Green Deal providers who are available and a Green Deal Plan will be written out – this plan will outline the work that is due to be carried out.

Here at SolarTech we have been installing green technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps for 10 years and have a wealth of experience in the industry. If you’re looking to upgrade and create a more energy efficient home for your family then make sure the expert team here at SolarTech are your first port of call.