Do Solar Panels Still Work in the Winter?

24th December - Posted in News

The use of solar energy is increasing every year with more and more people choosing to invest in solar panels for their home or business. However there is one thing that stops many people from taking the plunge and installing solar energy – the worry that solar panels don’t work in the winter.

Light Not Heat!

This is a common misconception and one that needs to be altered. Solar panels do in fact work very well in the winter meaning that they will work efficiently all year round. The most important thing people need to know is that solar panels work by using light not heat so as long as there is day light your solar panels will be working hard harnessing solar energy.

To prove this point, one of the best places in the world for solar panels is the Polar Regions! For six months of the year The Artic benefits from daylight 24 hours a day, meaning solar panels work incredibly efficiently and have been used by many researchers whilst they were in the Artic.

The Colder the Better

Solar panels work well all year round however they can often work even more efficiently during the winter months when temperatures are much colder. The electrics in the solar panels actually work more effectively in the cold meaning you can still be harnessing plenty of solar energy during the winter; the only downside is that with the dark mornings and night’s means there is less hours of daylight during the winter.


One thing that can affect your solar panels is snow; if your roof is covered in snow your solar panels won’t be able to collect solar energy through a layer of snow so it’s important that you keep your panels clear of snow. As you have probably noticed, when it’s sunny snow on our roofs is always the first to melt but if it doesn’t you can just give them a quick brush off.

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