Solar Panels Vs. Wind Turbines

19th February - Posted in News

When it comes to deciding what sort of renewable energy technology you would like in your home it often comes down to two systems – solar panels and wind turbines but which one is the best option for both homes and businesses?

• Space: When it comes to space solar panels are a clear winner as they take up very little room as they lay flush on your roof. Wind turbines however, need a substantial amount of land and open space. Wind turbines are often found in a large expanse of space, often close to villages which can cause a lot of controversy.

• Sound: Solar panels make no noise at all as they simply absorb sunlight; wind turbines on the other hand create a whirring sound as they move.

• Maintenance: Due to the moving parts within a wind turbine they will need to be regularly checked and serviced to ensure they’re operating fully. They are also more at risk of damage due to the moving parts compared to solar panels which just sit stationary on your roof. Solar panels require very little maintenance, just the occasional cleaning to ensure there is nothing obstructing the panels.

• Planning Permission: It’s often much harder to gain planning permission for wind turbines than solar panels as they can often be seen as an eyesore with many residents also concerned about noise pollution.

• Affordability: When it comes to any renewable energy system, we need to see a reduction in our energy bills and a payback on the initial payment we made for installation. The majority of homes in the UK are suitable for solar panel installation providing it will receive enough light. However wind turbines will only be effective in windy areas – they will be significantly less effective in areas where wind speed averages less than 10mph.

With this in mind it seems that solar panels are the more realistic option in many situations. We have a wealth of experience within the industry and have been providing both homes and businesses with solar panels from SolarTech for over 10 years.

If you want to lower your energy bills and provide a greener home for your family then make sure the expert team here at SolarTech are your first port of call.