SolarTech comment on Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Apr6
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The first of its kind in the world, the government scheme to support renewable heating, the Renewable Heat Incentive, has been received with a very welcome reception by the renewable energy industry. With heating accounting for 60% of average domestic energy bills and 47% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, this incentive is vital in terms of simultaneously reducing the costs of energy bills, and emissions of CO2. Not only this, but the important announcement of this incentive has shown that there is hope for the government’s pledge that the 15% of all energy consume in the UK will be sourced from renewables by 2020.

David Sowden, Chief Executive of the Micropower Council, reacted in a very positive manner, describing the scheme as marking “a world-first, long-term, commitment to a rapid growth in renewable heating with £860m of public funding in the first four years.”

The government has taken a number of positive steps in this incentive that have been welcomed by the industry. For example:

–       A quarter of the first year’s budget has been protected by the government for the provision of funding for households in the first fifteen months of the scheme

–       All renewable heating technologies in the commercial, public, industrial and residential sectors are encompassed by the scheme.

–       The previous government’s commitment to incentive payments remaining eligible for all systems installed since July 2009 will be honoured by the coalition.

This scheme is hoped to be a step forward for the United Kingdom in terms of a greener future, and hopes to move us closer to the ten per cent EU average proportion of low-carbon heat, from the one per cent we currently stand at in the UK. In encouraging the nation to harness the rewards of renewable energy, in both the short and long term, the government hopes to wean UK residents off their dependency on non-sustainable fuels such as gas and fossil fuels, and evolve our society from one that faces difficulties on both ecological and economic levels, instead moving towards the future of sustainable living that we really need.

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme can be embraced by single households and whole communities alike. The important feature of this scheme is the forwards movement into the future of energy generation and positive action towards greener, cleaner, and cheaper energy production. By embracing renewable heat solutions, you can both reduce your energy costs and obtain a guaranteed twenty year income.