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SolarTech Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated renewable energy solutions, has delivered a key note presentation at a House of Commons reception designed to promote the benefits of the Government’s Green Deal Scheme to a cross party audience.

Organised by the ‘Big Green Book’**, the reception was hosted by the Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury, Mr Lawrence Robertson MP and an overview was provided by Mr Chris Pincher MP, one of the members of the Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change.

This ground breaking event brought together over 150 Parliamentarians, Local Council Representatives and Housing Associations with a number of leading energy sector professionals who were keen to discuss how the Green Deal will be rolled out.

The ambitious scheme aims to make 26 million homes in the UK energy efficient by 2030 and will require the retro-fitting of over 600,000 homes a year with boilers, insulation and other energy saving products.   It is expected to empower private individuals and businesses across the country, enabling them to take greater control of their energy consumption with no upfront cost.                                      

“In these days of rapidly rising fuel prices and the need to cut carbon emissions, the use of economically sustainable and environmentally friendly energy saving solutions is more important than ever, which is why Solar Tech welcomes the opportunity to be involved in the Government’s Green Deal initiative,” said Shaun Taylor, Managing Director of SolarTech.

As fuel poverty becomes a major issue in today’s society, an increasing number of people are having to choose between heating and eating.  In 2009 some 7.8 million households in the UK were affected and this is predicted to rise to 8.5 million households by 2016.

There are also thought to be over 5 million inefficient boilers that are either F or G rated that are due for replacement in the UK, which represents a significant opportunity both in terms of carbon reduction, attacking fuel poverty and creating employment.               

If the uptake is successful, the Green Deal is forecast to create up to 55,000 jobs through a network of Approved Assessors, Installers and Providers.

“We particularly welcome the involvement of S.M.Es in the delivery of the Green Deal, which will help ensure that the jobs created are local, sustainable and to the benefit of the wider economy,” said Shaun Taylor.

As the Green Deal is rolled out, SolarTech will be further consolidating its position as an Approved supplier of Green Deal solutions, covering everything from Green Deal Assessment to Green Deal Installation and also becoming a Green Deal Provider.

With over 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, SolarTech is a well respected supplier of integrated solutions and has been at the forefront of delivering several pioneering Government Energy Schemes, including Clear Skies, Low Carbon Building Programme (Phase2), Feed-in-Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

The company’s clients range from private households and commercial businesses to 150 local authorities and Housing Associations, successfully delivering thousands of energy efficiency installations across the UK.