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Biomass Boiler Pellets

Biomass Boilers

A sustainable alternative for your heating requirements, Biomass Boilers will generally use either pellet or wood chip fuels.

Although they produce CO2, it is less than the amount absorbed whilst the tree is growing and so is considered carbon neutral.

Your installation could qualify for a cash back payment from Government under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme.

This payment is currently £950 for qualifying installations.

The energy saving trust has produced the following table detailing running cost and carbon savings;

Fuel replaced Expected saving Expected carbon dioxide saving
Electricity £630 a year 7.5 tonnes a year
Oil £270 a year 3.9 tonnes a year
LPG £790 a year 3.6 tonnes a year
Coal £270 a year 7.7 tonnes a year
Gas £90 a year 3.1 tonnes a year

The above figures are based on a typical 3 bedroom house.

Commercial Biomass Boiler

Domestic Application

Are you looking for a biomass boiler for your home or owned property? Are you searching for a company that has a variety of biomass boilers to suit any budget? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. Here at SolarTech we have a wide selection of biomass boilers and pellet fuel boilers all available at the best prices. Solar Tech is an experienced and highly motivated solar power company, who specialise in installing solar panels and biomass boilers of all types. We have been supplying biomass boilers to a variety of companies and domestic customers for many years. In the years since our creation we have built up strong relationships with several biomass boiler and pellet fuel boiler companies meaning we can offer the very latest technology and innovations in this fast paced technological evolution.


  • 4th largest energy resource after coal, oil and gas
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Lowers your heating and fuel costs
  • Generate an income


Biomass boilers are an excellent alternative to coal or oil fired boilers and electric storage systems for domestic and commercial central heating supply. Powered by burning wood pellets, wood chip, logs or other agricultural waste, biomass boilers offer significant CO2 reductions over coal fired or electric storage systems. Savings on fuel bills are generally less significant but systems can prove extremely effective when used in conjunction with solar electricity and solar hot water systems.

If you’d like to know more, take a moment to fill in our contact form or call us on 0845 838 2477.

The Benefits

  • Low Carbon Heating solution
  • Renewable Heat Source
  • Lower running costs (particularly compared with LPG, Oil, Electric and Coal systems.
  • Generate an income
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