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Biomass Boiler Pellets

Biomass Boilers in Oxford

If you find that your heating bills are high, yet your house still never seems to be warm, it could well be the case that you need to consider a new boiler. Currently, varied ranges of boilers are available which utilise a wide range of fuels, including biomass boilers. Relatively new on the scene, biomass boilers are powered by small pellets of biomass material, typically compressed sawdust which is a by-product of industry. More environmentally friendly than coal, electricity or gas, a biomass boiler is an efficient and attractive option for many homeowners in Oxford and Bicester who want premium warmth delivered in a green and ecologically responsible manner.

Replacement Boilers in Bicester

Offering a large selection of replacement boilers to customers across the UK, including Oxford and Bicester, we strive to provide environmentally friendly options, which are good for the planet as well as your wallet. Many of our products utilise cutting-edge environmental technology, maximising energy efficiency whilst still providing a high level of heat. All the boilers in our premium selection operate to the highest internal and external air quality standards, minimising toxic emissions into the wider atmosphere and also into your living area.

If you decide to opt for a replacement boiler, which uses biomass rather than one of the more traditional fuels, we can provide all the information you need to ensure that your new purchase gives trouble free service and delivers reliable warmth. As experts in boilers of many different types we will be delighted to give you all the information you need to ensure your new purchase more than meets expectations.

Biomass Boilers

Oxford & Bicester

Known for its world famous university that can trace its roots back to medieval times, Oxford is still one of the most respected academic centres on the planet. Another feature of this famous city are the numerous beautiful buildings that represent every period of British architecture since Saxon times. Bicester is a relatively small town within Oxfordshire probably most known for its shopping outlet Bicester Village.

If you are looking to get quotes for biomass boilers in either Oxford or Bicester call us on 0845 838 2477 or fill out our callback form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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