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Solar Farm

Solar Farm

Solar farms are a simple and proven technology providing a source of safe, locally produced renewable energy. Also through the Renewable Obligation and Feed-in Tariff schemes the Solar Farm can become an income stream for 20 years with various opportunities available.

The Renewable Obligation

Renewable obligations (RO) were introduced in 2002 to provide incentives for the deployment of large-scale renewable electricity in the UK.

ROC’s are tradable commodities that have no fixed price. The amount an electricity supplier pays for a ROC is a matter for negotiation between the supplier and generator.

Why To Choose SolarTech

With over 10 years’ experience in Renewables and an in-house team to assist with all aspects of delivering a Solar Farm from planning applications, DNO approval through to installing and future maintenance of the system.

As we provide both finance and deliver the project we are able to offer market leading rents and enable you to maximise your returns.

F.I.T. For Farming Calculator

Solar Farm

Commercial Services

With over 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, you can rely on SolarTech to design, install and maintain your system. From planning advice, feasibility, installation, project management and maintenance, SolarTech will provide the solution that best fits your project’s needs.

We understand that every client and project is different and we offer our clients a range of funding solutions tailored to their individual needs.

What’s in it for you?

SolarTech can either pay an enhanced land rental, source funding for land acquisition or look at a joint venture and a subsequent 20 year income whether signing up to the FiT’s scheme or Renewable Obligations scheme (ROC’s).

Solar Farming

What We Provide

  • In-depth Design
  • ROC registration
  • Planning application
  • DNO applications
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Complete Installation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Annual inspection and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I develop renewable energy on my land? - click here

You will be contributing to a more sustainable energy future for the UK, while securing attractive financial returns for yourself.

How long does it take to build a solar farm? - click here

Depending on size the construction period is general around 8-10 weeks. After construction, access for operations and maintenance activities are limited to 3-4 times per year.

Do solar farms make any noise? - click here

The only noise emitted from a solar farm usually relates to mechanical noise, which may emanate from the inverter and electrical switch gear and is very minimal. Any noise in only generated during daylight hours.

What is the impact of the land? - click here

No widespread levelling of the ground in advance of the works is required. There is practically no loss of soil coverage as a result of the solar farm and no ‘desertification’ of the land as enough sunlight and rain can get through/between the panels to maintain the plant life. There is no long term environmental impact through installing a solar farm.

How are the panels fixed to the ground? - click here

PV modules are attached to an aluminium mounting system that are in turn bolted to galvanised steel posts that are screwed into the ground. This arrangement avoids the need for a concrete base platform and reduces the removal costs at the end of the system life.

Can farming continue on the land? - click here

The solar farm does not mean an end to agricultural use of the land. Animals such as sheep can continue to graze around the solar panels. Panels are mounted between 1m and 2.5m above the ground, providing clearance for plants and other habitats to remain.

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