UK Scientists Call for Global ‘Sunpower’ Programme

  • Oct4
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Here at SolarTech we understand the importance of utilising the sun’s energy for driving down our collective carbon footprint, and now some of Britain’s brightest minds have called on the world to set up a Sunpower Programme aimed at delivering solar energy that is cheaper than fossil fuels by 2025.

Sir David King, a former government chief scientific adviser, and economist Lord Richard Layard believe that the programme could produce 10% of the world’s required energy by 2025 and 25% by 2030.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report laid bare the risks of not curbing our addiction to fossil fuels, however there is still significant investment required into research and development of large scale solar technology.

Although the amount of energy that reaches Earth from the sun is equal to about 5,000 times what we actually need, we do not yet know how best to harness this huge natural resource more cost effectively than fossil fuels.

According to King and Layard, there are two main obstacles that need to be overcome. First, how to make solar power available 24 hours a day, which requires a major breakthrough in terms of electricity storage. Secondly, the cost of transmitting power from areas of high luminosity and low land value to major population areas.

Science has helped us overcome some of the greatest of challenges and achieve some of the most incredible feats. However to do so it has always taken heavy financial investment. The question is whether there is the political appetite to do so when the rewards are so far into the future.

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