Underfloor heating systems
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Underfloor Heating

How it works

Under floor heating is an efficient way of space heating. The heat source can be from a fuel boiler, but works particularly well with ground source and air source heat pump systems due to the lower operating temperatures required. We are able to offer our customers a full design and installation service ensuring an optimum under floor heating solution is achieved. Systems are installed by in house installation team to ensure the highest installation standards are achieved.


By comparison to traditional radiator based central heating systems underfloor heating spreads the heat distribution far more evenly and heats a room from the bottom up rather than the ceiling down meaning the effects are felt more quickly and the whole room is warmed efficiently. When installed in bathrooms or wet rooms underfloor heating helps to dry floor surfaces quickly.

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Underfloor heating systems are most commonly laid within a solid floor base, either concrete or a screed laid specifically for the job. They can also be installed into traditional suspended floors, floating wooden or laminate floors or battened floors. When adding to existing solid floor bases the floor level will usually need to be raised to account for the heating system meaning skirting boards, doors etc will need to be altered.

If you'd like to know more about our underfloor heating systems, take a moment to fill in our contact form or call us on 0845 838 2477. To get an overview of the solar panel systems we offer and where we fit them visit the home page.

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