Wind power for electricity production
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Wind Power

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How it works

Wind turbines capture the innate power of the wind to generate electricity. Small domestic systems can be expected to produce enough power lighting and electrical appliances. Turbines efficiency is based on the design of the blades which act like a fan in reverse, where wind energy drives the blades round and this in turn drives a turbine to create electricity. The more wind there is the greater the amount of power produced.


Thanks to UK's rich wind resources (40% of Europe's wind energy) wind turbines are a viable option for UK domestic users. The benefits of wind power are four-fold: firstly you can reduce your CO2 emissions, and your domestic impact on the environment, secondly you will make savings on your electricity bills. And, depending on the position of the turbine and conditions in your area you may be able to take one of the following options, either storing surplus generated power in batteries for future use or selling this surplus back the national grid through the Feed in Tariff.

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There are two types of wind turbine suitable for domestic use. These being either roof or mast mounted turbines. Mast mounted systems are generally larger and can generate between 2.5 and 6kW of electricity. Roof mounted systems are smaller and will likely generate between 1 and 2kW. Suitability for wind turbines is really dictated by the position of your house and whether there are any obstructions like adjoining properties or other potential obstacles. Generally speaking you will not need planning permission for small domestic systems but it is always advisable to check with your local planning office.

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